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Choose the right preschool in Overland Park, Kansas

Posted on 05-02-2014

preschool_overland_park_ksIf you are a parent of a preschool child in Overland Park, Kansas, then you probably know  that there are many activities for children in the area. Holidays and weekends are filled with trips to wonderful places of interest for kids such as Incred-a-Bowl, Jumping Jax, and My Gym. These family fun activities are all great, however, what keeps your child mentally stimulated and involved while learning during the school term? Your choice of preschool should be based on a nurturing, educational, environment that is still fun.

At Kids 'R' Kids of Overland Park we use the Fast Track Curriculum and we believe in providing preschoolers with a learning experience that simply does not feel like a lesson. Generally, the more fun our students have while learning, the better they will absorb those lessons. Often you will find our classrooms alive with laughter and smiling faces during school time. 

Our School

Our facility is uniquely designed with your child in mind. Our child-sized amenities and developmentally planned classrooms encourage children to broaden their interests in many areas.

Secure Internet-access allows families to actively view their child while they are at work. Each classroom has Internet-activated cameras. With protected passwords, each family member, including distant relatives, can watch their child in school as they are learning, growing and exploring this world.

Our full service kitchen and kids cafe bring the children together for meal times. Kids 'R' Kids serves nutritious meals that meet and exceed USDA guidelines. Our in-house chef prepares meals in our commercial kitchen while the children enjoy each other's company around the family style dining tables. They also learn table manners and etiquette by observing their teachers as everyone dines together.

Outdoor play is essential for growing children. Kids 'R' Kids has four separate outdoor areas to ensure safe play for all age groups. Your child's safety is our number one priority.

To find out more about our Fast Track Curriculum in Overland Park, Kansas, and what it can offer your preschooler, contact Kids 'R' Kids of Overland Park today.

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